My Sydney Accommodation and Sydney Flight Experience

Right now, I am on top of the world. Maybe I’m not literally on top of the world, but as I am here looking out over the glittering night sky of Sydney from the observation deck of the Sydney Tower, I certainly feel as if I am. It’s an amazing feeling and one I will hold onto forever. For that matter, there is a lot about this holiday I’ll hold in my heart forever.

It started with booking the right package for your Sydney flights and accommodation. I knew getting a great deal wasn’t impossible, not as long as I had the right information. I signed up for the major Australian airlines’ email lists so that I could get advance notice of any specials, and I comparison shopped to make sure I had access to the best deals.

Sydney has plenty of options when it comes to accommodations. Bed and breakfasts, luxury hotels and budget hotels, and furnished or serviced apartments were all available. Because I was planning a longer stay, I decided a furnished apartment in Sydney’s CBD would be the best choice for me. It would keep me in the heart of the action and close to public transportation.

The flight was long but pleasant. The airline staff was helpful and friendly, and I arrived in Sydney feeling quite refreshed and ready to begin my holiday. Arriving in Sydney was incredible. It was midday, and the sun glittered on the waters of Sydney Harbour like so many dancing diamonds. Water taxis and sailboats bobbed along the smooth waves. People went about their business as if nothing special was happening.

It was, though. I was finally here, in Sydney, where I’d always wanted to be. My Sydney furnished apartment was lovely, decorated tastefully, and filled with all the comforts of home. I was able to settle right in before heading off to explore the city and enjoy a meal at one of Sydney’s waterfront restaurants.