What Is Sydney All About?

Anyone who either lives in or routinely visits Sydney know that it is truly one of the most unique and eclectic cities in the world. With some of the best shopping, dining and arts & entertainment in the world, it’s no wonder why Sydney sees so many tourists each year. Many people, however, are concerned about how both the tourist board and NSW state government have been doing in terms of marketing Sydney to the rest of the world. The concern is that marketing has thus far relied heavily upon landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, and that the actual city itself has been given somewhat of a backseat.

The sad thing about how Sydney’s marketing has been going as of late is that it doesn’t do anything to tell people (in detail) what the city is all about; nightlife, arts/dining scenes are all ignored. Even culture as a whole has seemed to take a backseat. Ask most Americans what they know about Sydney, and you’ll be lucky to get the Opera House as an answer. Sydney is truly somewhat of a mystery in other parts of the world, which cannot be good for tourism.

The issue at hand is that the marketing that has been used thus far truly does nothing to describe Sydney as a city; it may associate the word Sydney with certain images, but it does nothing to talk about what Sydney has to offer in terms of entertainment, dining, work and more. The city should be marketed to celebrate its progressive attitudes and fun, carefree ambiance. By ignoring these aspects of Sydney, we’re basically alienating an entire group of different individuals that may eventually want to move to or visit the city.

The bottom line is that Sydney’s marketing strategies need to be altered in order to better represent what the city is all about. Anyone who has a faint interest in travelling to Sydney should be won over by what they see and hear, and photos of the Opera House just don’t get the job done.

photo credit: Vivid Sydney 2013 via photopin (license)