A Change For The Better In Sydney Accommodation

During a recent visit I decided to take advantage of short term accommodation options in Sydney as opposed to staying in a hotel. I was apprehensive about it at first, but going forward with it was probably one of the best vacation decisions I’ve ever made.

Staying in a furnished apartment, especially one with bedrooms, made everyone in my family feel more at home. Sharing a cramped hotel room with another adult and two kids is never a fun experience so it was very refreshing to be able to give the kids their own room. The furniture was also of a much higher quality than the typical hotel provides, and particularly the bed and mattress which made for a better night’s sleep.

My favourite part about the rental was being able to make actual meals in the fully equipped kitchen. Our holiday budget was slashed by at least 30% simply by not eating out for every meal. The kids enjoyed being able to have their favourite comfort foods and we all agree that people watching while having two picnics in local parks was one of the most relaxing highlights of our trip.

The only possible downside for a busy tourist is the lack of daily housecleaning and fresh towels. On the upside, though, the apartment we rented came with a washer and dryer and ample cleaning supplies. I’d happily trade in a few moments of cleaning each day for the other conveniences that the rental provided us, along with the opportunity to see the city more through the eyes of the locals. The apartment was located near several tourist activities but, unlike hotels, was not set practically on top of them.

After this experience, I’ll now be happily looking into short term furnished apartment rentals in every future vacation destination.