Finding Your Flight To Australia

Australia brings to mind cuddly koalas, cosmopolitan Sydney, and the red rock of Uluru for most people, but there is so much more to this country that is comparable in size to the contiguous 48 states of the United States. A flight to Australia can bring you the warmth of Australia’s endless sandy beaches, the lushness of verdant rainforests, and the promise of an adventure that’s right around the next corner.

The Devil’s Marbles may not be as widely known as Uluru, but they are every bit as impressive. The Devil’s Marbles Conservation Reserve covers more than 1,800 hectares and is filled with red rounded granite rocks that look much like marbles. They range in size from a smaller 50 centimetres to an incredible 6 metres across. The rocks are sacred to the Aboriginal people and have great significance in their Dreamtime mythology as the eggs of the rainbow serpent

Fremantle is another must-see location. Located near the Swan River in Western Australia, Fremantle is well-known for its maritime history and a rich creativity that is displayed through its local artisans at the Fremantle Markets. Attractions are plentiful, including the Western Australia Maritime Museum, the Roundhouse and Whalers Tunnel, Shipwreck Galleries, and the Leighton Battery Heritage Site.

Finally, Cape York is a wilderness area located at the northern tip of Queensland. It has been called one of Australia’s last frontiers and for good reason. Cape York is a land of incredible plant diversity and has more than 300 different bird species. The Aboriginal rock art located on Cape York is considered to be some of the most significant in the world. The area is idea for bird watching, camping, fishing, and so much more.

Although most visitors to Australia tend to stick with such popular tourist destinations as Sydney and Melbourne, the lesser-known locations often hold just as many rewarding surprises. Make your holiday to Australia a memorable one by visiting the spots that interest you the most, even if they are a bit off the beaten path.