Flying into and out of Sydney, Australia

For a city that is located on the other side of the world, Sydney gets an awful lot of tourist traffic. Even though the flight is extremely long from both the U.K. and the U.S., most people find that visiting the land down under is well worth the effort not only for its stunning World Heritage sites and incredible works of architecture but also for its pristine beaches, unusual wildlife, and friendly people. Although Sydney is distant, finding cheap flight deals to Sydney doesn’t have to be a chore.

Just as with other major cities across the globe, great ticket prices from Sydney often vary with the season. Australian winters, which run from June through August, tend to be the most affordable times of year to travel, while December and January often have the highest ticket prices. If you are flying into or out of the city, flying during the off season will generally be your best bet for great prices.

Although it can be tempting and sometimes even unavoidable, try not to book your flights out of Sydney at the last minute. Last-minute flight deals are usually available and can often be a great way to get deeply discounted tickets. Unfortunately, they can also be very unreliable, and unless you have leeway in your travel dates and times, you could end up missing other important connecting flights or reservations altogether because last-minute deals are rarely flexible.

Booking about six weeks in advance is the best way to avoid that last-minute rush for tickets and secure a solid deal at the same time. You will have the time to scour the Internet for the best available deals or contact a travel agent to do the legwork for you. Booking in advance will also give you ample time to locate secondary deals that will allow you to book airfare and accommodations or other flights when you book your airfare into or out of Sydney.