Your Public Transport Options in Sydney

Sydney is alive with things to do and places to visit. This capital city of N.S.W (New South Wales) named Sydney has the following public transportation system to serve its citizens and visitors, but it may not be enough to serve the ever-growing population, which currently stands at 4.5 million.


The most commonly used form of public transportation in Sydney is the bus. Approximately 600,000 riders a day can choose from one of 300 different routes that cross the city every day. Unfortunately, buses increase overall congestion of the already-crowded roadways.


Sydney ferries are popular with commuters and tourists alike and have been travelling Sydney Harbour and other waterways for more than 135 years. They’re a great solution for traffic crossing Sydney’s waterways and a picturesque choice for tourists.


All train stations lead to the CBD and the heart of Sydney and back out again. Whether you’re headed to lively King’s Cross or to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you can find a train to take you there. However, many train travellers require connections with buses, ferries, or even taxis in order to reach their final destination.


Sometimes you need something a little smaller, more private, or more direct. The taxi can take you everywhere other transportation services cannot. Taxis are often pricier than other public transportation options and, like buses, increase road congestion.

Light Rail

Monorail and light rail trains provide a valuable transportation alternative for many Sydneysiders and tourists. They use cleaner energy and provide faster, more reliable service than buses, carrying several times the number of travellers.


Trams were once an extremely popular method of public transportation in Sydney. In fact, at one time, Sydney’s tram system was one of the largest in the world. The trams’ decline wasn’t due to a lack of popularity. Overcrowding and traffic congestion ultimately led to the demise of the trams.

Sydney’s trams may be able to relieve the modern-day congestion associated with the plethora of cars, taxis, and buses that crowd the city’s streets and add a whimsical bit of history that’s attractive to tourists. Bring back the trams!

photo credit: via photopin (license)