Is Bondi the Best or Is It Just a Name?

Bondi Beach, the icon of Australian surf since the Sydney-hosted 2000 Olympics, is a beautiful crescent of white sandy shoreline, and is considered a “must see” for millions of tourists worldwide. Because it’s only 8 km from the CBD, and one of those places where city meets the ocean, it’s also the spot for locals to cool off on a blazing summer day or to catch a wave after work.

As one of 37 beaches (many within 30 minutes transport of the CBD), you might ask, is Bondi the best or is it just the name drawing the crowds? A beach so very busy, however world-renowned, could end up being a disappointment, one that doesn’t live up to the hype.

It isn’t necessarily the most beautiful Aussie beach or the longest stretch of sand for a stroll — and if you like your space, you may not like Bondi. However, if you’re a people watcher, you’ll see the world walk by in all shapes and sizes, admire ever-vigilant Bondi lifeguards, and tuck away a few stories to share about Australian beach culture upon returning home.

Want to rub shoulders with the locals, not only tourists? Every Australian has a favourite beach, and for those Sydneysiders who like to be where the action is, Bondi is one of the best.

photo credit: Bondi Beach via photopin (license)