Sydney, The Most Visited City on The Continent.

Founded as a British colony in 1788, Sydney is the largest city in Australia. With a population of 4.5 million, it is one of the most popular places on the earth for immigrants. The latest census revealed that immigrants account for three-quarters of Sydney’s annual population growth.

Sydney is also the most visited city on the continent. Each year, it welcomes over 11 million guests, three million of whom are international visitors. As an English-speaking country, Australia has long been popular destination for tourists from the UK and a resource travel website such as is visited quite often by all people considering a visit Down Under.


Is Sydney Expensive?

For obvious reasons, trips to Sydney are extremely expensive. Not only is the airfare quite costly, but the city itself is expensive. According to a recent cost of living survey, Sydney is the one of the twenty most expensive cities on earth. As you might expect, international bookings for hotels in Sydney declined during the recession.

The final numbers were officially cringe-worthy. UK arrivals fell by about a third in the second half of 2009. And even when guests did come to Sydney, they booked shorter trips and chose more affordable accommodations. As the largest city in Australia, Sydney has its fair share of economical hotels.

Many people attracted to Australia as a holiday destination are young backpackers or gap year students as well as young professionals on the dream holiday of a lifetime. It is no wonder they get on a plane and find Sydney CBD hotels when you consider just what Sydney has to offer in terms of nightlife.


What Does Sydney Offer?

Whatever your choice of things to do after dark, this dynamic city has it all. A vibrant nightlife, excellent restaurants and a wide selection of pubs and clubs, from jazz and rock to more modern and eclectic music. What more could you want? The beaches are also just a short drive away which are also a great place to hang out. Both the indoor and outdoor lifestyle are well catered for!

If you like festivals, Sydney is home to some major annual music festivals such as the Big Day Out and The Great Escape.

For those who enjoy opera, do not forget that the Sydney Opera House, as well as being a world famous landmark, it also hosts a wide selection of world class operas and other cultural events. Sydney is also famous for others arts such as theatre, music and film. The arts scene in Sydney is literally buzzing! Whether you prefer lively pubs, quality restaurants or a cosmopolitan clubbing scene, Sydney is up there with the best of them.

photo credit: Vivid Sydney 2013 via photopin (license)