Where do You Find Family Friendly Furnished Apartments in Sydney

When booking your holiday to Sydney, you are faced with a number of accommodation options. It might be overwhelming for a first time holidaymaker who is looking to go on holiday with your family and can’t decide whether a hotel is better or a family friendly furnished apartment. These apartments are all over Sydney and range from studio apartments to big spacious 4 bedroom houses.

Where Can I Find Family Friendly Apartments?

These apartments are in Sydney’s prime locations such as Sydney CBD, Pyrmont, Surry Hills, Mosman and Camperdown. Sydney has some of the best locations for family friendly furnished apartments in Sydney. Bondi Beach is a tourist hotspot and it can be hard to visit at the height of the season but with an apartment that’s right on the beach then you have the perfect base from which to launch your holiday.

If you or your family prefer laying out on the beach or swimming in the beautiful ocean then these beachside apartments are perfect. For a 2 bedroom apartment in Bondi Beach, prices can start at $120 Australian dollars per night and there are discounted rates for long term bookings so if you plan on staying for a month or more, you can be sure that you’ll be getting a good deal on family friendly furnished apartments in Sydney.


Booking a Furnished House over and Apartment in Sydney

If you are looking for a house rather than an apartment to rent in Sydney then there are plenty of options to choose from. If you prefer luxury then there are some wonderful houses on Sydney Waterfront to choose from. For instance, you can rent a 6 bedroom villa for a short rental, cost is between 990 and 1690 Australian dollars per night and you truly get what you pay for, a large, private villa with a stunning view of Sydney’s delightful waterfront and all the amenities that you could wish for when renting a villa for such a price and with 6 bedrooms you will find there’s plenty of room if you have a small family.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit cheaper and just has the basics than you will find many options that will be to your liking. In the many accommodation packages that are available online, you can find plenty of family friendly furnished apartments in Sydney that meet your requirements. From areas of Sydney such as Coogee, Palm Beach, Narrabeen, Sydney Waterfront and Sydney City you can find many fully furnished apartments and houses that are both family friendly and have a great deal on price.

It’s definitely worth checking out family friendly furnished apartments in Sydney due to the convenience of having much more than a hotel room. Hotels are sometimes in bad locations that aren’t close enough to what you may be interested in, such as going to the beach or checking out the nightlife. Getting a furnished apartment, there is much more independence and the locations are perfect, if you like to spend all day on one of Sydney’s fabulous and world famous beaches then there are beach side apartments that are perfect for you and your family, if you prefer soaking up the city and it’s nightlife then there are apartments that are right in the heart of downtown Sydney.

Whatever you are looking for, you can be sure you will find the right apartment for you and your family in Sydney.