Where do You Find Family Friendly Furnished Apartments in Sydney

When booking your holiday to Sydney, you are faced with a number of accommodation options. It might be overwhelming for a first time holidaymaker who is looking to go on holiday with your family and can’t decide whether a hotel is better or a family friendly furnished apartment. These apartments are all over Sydney and range from studio apartments to big spacious 4 bedroom houses.

Where Can I Find Family Friendly Apartments?

These apartments are in Sydney’s prime locations such as Sydney CBD, Pyrmont, Surry Hills, Mosman and Camperdown. Sydney has some of the best locations for family friendly furnished apartments in Sydney. Bondi Beach is a tourist hotspot and it can be hard to visit at the height of the season but with an apartment that’s right on the beach then you have the perfect base from which to launch your holiday.

If you or your family prefer laying out on the beach or swimming in the beautiful ocean then these beachside apartments are perfect. For a 2 bedroom apartment in Bondi Beach, prices can start at $120 Australian dollars per night and there are discounted rates for long term bookings so if you plan on staying for a month or more, you can be sure that you’ll be getting a good deal on family friendly furnished apartments in Sydney.

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Sydney, The Most Visited City on The Continent.

Founded as a British colony in 1788, Sydney is the largest city in Australia. With a population of 4.5 million, it is one of the most popular places on the earth for immigrants. The latest census revealed that immigrants account for three-quarters of Sydney’s annual population growth.

Sydney is also the most visited city on the continent. Each year, it welcomes over 11 million guests, three million of whom are international visitors. As an English-speaking country, Australia has long been popular destination for tourists from the UK and a resource travel website such as http://sydneyholiday.net.au/ is visited quite often by all people considering a visit Down Under.


Is Sydney Expensive?

For obvious reasons, trips to Sydney are extremely expensive. Not only is the airfare quite costly, but the city itself is expensive. According to a recent cost of living survey, Sydney is the one of the twenty most expensive cities on earth. As you might expect, international bookings for hotels in Sydney declined during the recession.

The final numbers were officially cringe-worthy. UK arrivals fell by about a third in the second half of 2009. And even when guests did come to Sydney, they booked shorter trips and chose more affordable accommodations. As the largest city in Australia, Sydney has its fair share of economical hotels.

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Sydney Was Number 10 in Quality of Life

In a 2009 article published in Forbes magazine, Sydney, Australia placed 10th on a list of the world’s 20 best places to live. World cities like New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, and Rome did not even make the list. How did they determine the order?

The researchers compared 420 global cities and ranked them according to the Quality of Life Index and City Infrastructure. Sydney was number 10 in Quality of Life and number 11 for City Infrastructure. What do these numbers mean?

Several factors are used to determine Quality of Life, including crime, economic stability, personal freedoms, health care, education, culture, housing and accommodation and social environment and a good resource website to research further is BoardingHousesHQ.com.au. For the past two years Sydney has gone up in the rankings. One reason why Sydney is a city on the rise is its growing business community that offers sound maufacturing, mining and banking oppurtunities.

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Is Bondi the Best or Is It Just a Name?

Bondi Beach, the icon of Australian surf since the Sydney-hosted 2000 Olympics, is a beautiful crescent of white sandy shoreline, and is considered a “must see” for millions of tourists worldwide. Because it’s only 8 km from the CBD, and one of those places where city meets the ocean, it’s also the spot for locals to cool off on a blazing summer day or to catch a wave after work.

As one of 37 beaches (many within 30 minutes transport of the CBD), you might ask, is Bondi the best or is it just the name drawing the crowds? A beach so very busy, however world-renowned, could end up being a disappointment, one that doesn’t live up to the hype.

It isn’t necessarily the most beautiful Aussie beach or the longest stretch of sand for a stroll — and if you like your space, you may not like Bondi. However, if you’re a people watcher, you’ll see the world walk by in all shapes and sizes, admire ever-vigilant Bondi lifeguards, and tuck away a few stories to share about Australian beach culture upon returning home.

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Why the Harbour City of Sydney is The Pick for All Families

When most people think of Sydney, Australia, they probably immediately think of Sydney Opera House or Sydney Harbour Bridge. These iconic structures are quintessential Sydney to many Sydneysiders and tourists both, but there is so much more to Sydney, particularly for families with children.

The Powerhouse Museum near Chinatown and Darling Harbour is a learning adventure for children of all ages, whether they are just toddlers or 80 years old. It boasts a Space Lab, a Magic Garden, craft activities, and the treasure-filled Tinytoreum, among many other intriguing exhibits. The Powerhouse Museum also has a child-friendly café and the new state-of-the-art Cog’s Playground.

The Sydney monorail not only can provide your family with convenient transportation to all your favourite attractions, it can also provide a birds’ eye view of magnificent Sydney. Accommodations need not trouble you either, with Sydney home to a number of furnished rental properties, including Furnished Properties.

Furnished Properties Pty Ltd www.furnishedproperties.com.au are the specialists in furnished apartments in Sydney and offer multi-bedroom apartments as well as studios for rent in Sydney CBD, Mosman, Darlinghurst and more.

Families and children alike can soak in the Australian aboriginal culture, the world of dinosaurs, or examine Australian flora and fauna up close and personal at the Australia Museum. The Australia Museum is the oldest museum in Australia, founded in 1845, and it is world-renowned for its research in the Great Barrier Reef.

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Your Public Transport Options in Sydney

Sydney is alive with things to do and places to visit. This capital city of N.S.W (New South Wales) named Sydney has the following public transportation system to serve its citizens and visitors, but it may not be enough to serve the ever-growing population, which currently stands at 4.5 million.


The most commonly used form of public transportation in Sydney is the bus. Approximately 600,000 riders a day can choose from one of 300 different routes that cross the city every day. Unfortunately, buses increase overall congestion of the already-crowded roadways.


Sydney ferries are popular with commuters and tourists alike and have been travelling Sydney Harbour and other waterways for more than 135 years. They’re a great solution for traffic crossing Sydney’s waterways and a picturesque choice for tourists.

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What Can I Expect on My Flight to Sydney

A holiday in Australia is an amazing experience and for those people that have taken one, they speak highly of it. However, some people are put off from going because of the long flight times.

A flight to Sydney from England can be quite long, but it is by no means uncomfortable. One thing that people have in mind, is that they will end up on a plane similar to the ones that shuttle millions of tourists a year to Spain on package tours. Thankfully, this is not the case when on board a flight to Sydney! Airbus and Boeing build planes that cater for such long journeys and flights from all over the world into Sydney can be booked on  http://www.sydneyflightsaccommodation.com.au/

The planes that fly to Australia are large and spacious, with plenty of legroom. Of course, if you have special needs of any sort, then it is far better to make the airline aware beforehand so that they can provide you with even more suitable seating.

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Accommodation Options in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, has a wide range of accommodations that suit any type of budget, from luxury hotels to more affordable hostels. Within each price point, you will find diverse establishments, which fit individual tastes and purposes.

For the budget traveller, there are many backpacker hostels in the Kings Cross area including Jolly Swagman Hostel, which features scenic views of Sydney Harbour. Big Hostel in Surry Hills, Glebe Point YHA in the avant-garde area of Glebe, and centrally located Sydney Central Hostel are other options.

Affordable value hotels include Devere Hotel, a bed and breakfast hotel in Potts Point, and Gardenia Motor Inn in Bass Hill just minutes from Stadium Australia.

Mid-priced hotels range from historically listed Castlereagh Boutique Hotel, located in central Sydney, to ultra modern Establishment Hotel. The Macleay Hotel in Potts Point contains serviced studio apartments with kitchenettes and ensuite bathrooms. Situated in North Sydney, the McLaren Hotel features an Atrium Garden and undercover parking.

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Culturally Diverse, Sydney

Sydney, Australia is known for its reputation of being culturally diverse. It’s considered an international center for the various arts and education.

What sets Sydney apart from the world is that it has one of the highest number of residents who were born abroad. It’s for this reason that despite most residents speaking English, many hold a second language. The most common of those languages is Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and Greek.

With over 31% of its population being born overseas, it’s no wonder that it’s so culturally diverse.

Culture plays a major role in Sydney which is demonstrated by the various festivals they host. A few of the major festivals or events on the Sydney calendar are the Sydney Festival, Gay Pride and the Biennale of Sydney.

The Sydney Festival is the largest arts festival in Australia.

Gay Pride is held every year in the month of March and attracts thousands to the streets of Sydney, for fun, colour, equal rights and plenty of dance and music.

The Biennale of Sydney is also an arts festival, but its focus is on contemporary art. Unlike the Sydney festival which hosts a variety of performances, the Biennale of Sydney is focused more on exhibitions and has more of an international following.

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Where to Find Advice on Sydney Travel

Australia has thousands of beaches and is dotted with rainforests, vast red deserts, unusual wildlife and vibrant cosmopolitan cities lining the coast. However, no Australian city attracts tourists quite as Sydney does. Sydney combines a laid-back attitude with an active, outdoorsy vibe that is both indulgent and addictive. Many who visit Sydney ultimately decide to stay, and those who do not stay find themselves returning repeatedly. Head over to http://clickhereforsydneytravel.com/ to learn more about how you can get the most out of your visit to this one-of-a-kind city.

This site is designed to answer your Sydney travel questions, whether you are planning a short stopover between flights or visits to other cities, you are on holiday, or you are relocating. As the largest city in the country and the capital of NSW, there is always something going on here. Your visit here need not be spent whiling away the time in a hotel room or diving right into work. Discover the beauty of the harbour, or check out the multitude of activities available in the Blue Mountain region. Enjoy shopping in Paddington Markets, or explore the animals in Taronga Zoo. The options are virtually endless.

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Arriving into Sydney, Australia on a Cheap Flight

The first Australians are believed to have arrived by boat from Southeast Asia an estimated 40,000 years ago. In the 17th century, Captain James Cook also travelled by sea and then claimed the continent in the name of Great Britain. The country has grown and developed tremendously since. Flying to Sydney, Australia on an international flight is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for many of its visitors, and it can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

You will not be alone on your journey. Sydney Airport is amongst the busiest airports in the country, if not the world. More than 35 million domestic and international passengers travel through Sydney Airport every year. The airport has three terminals, including one for international flights and two for domestic flights. With some research, cost comparisons using online ticket aggregators, and flexibility, you can get the flights you want at a price that fits neatly and comfortably into your budget.

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The Benefits of Corporate and Executive Rentals

Here is a method that is helping property investors in Sydney save money the smart way. If you own an investment property, why not convert it into executive rentals and furnish each apartment? There are numerous advantages to putting in executive rentals which can help to increase your profits while at the same time helping you save on your taxes at the end of each year. When you furnish an apartment and advertise this, you can raise the rental price each month that a tenant pays. This will bring in extra profit each month. Also, furnished rentals are much more attractive to individuals such as the corporate person on contract for a period of time and also to people relocating than unfurnished rentals are.

They will usually be more than willing to pay extra for an apartment that already has everything included. They also don’t have to move anything when they leave, which is another added benefit. For you, adding furniture to an apartment can help you greatly on your taxes. Over time, as you rent the apartment to different people, the furniture will begin to wear with use. This depreciation of the value of the furniture and fittings in the property can be counted as a tax break, reducing the amount that you have to pay to the government.

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Your Sydney Furnished Property To Beat The Band

If you are travelling to Sydney for business or pleasure, you need affordable accommodations that can provide you with security and privacy, pleasant surroundings, and all the comforts of home. Sydney furnished property can be the ideal choice for anyone staying more than a few days. Furnished apartments are designed with your needs in mind. Located conveniently in the CBD, around the city, and in its suburbs, you are sure to find a location perfect for you and never be interrupted by hotel staff as you enjoy trips to Sydney’s picture-perfect beaches, historic sites, markets, and top tourist destinations.

The Rocks is a must-see for many visitors to Sydney. This is where modern-day Sydney began, after all. Originally a sandstone slum that was primarily home to convicts, sailors, and prostitutes, The Rocks today is the site of many of Sydney’s most exciting festivals and home to many popular shops and pubs. Just a short walk from Sydney’s most popular tourist destinations, you can easily visit The Rocks and the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Opera House in a single day.

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Flying into and out of Sydney, Australia

For a city that is located on the other side of the world, Sydney gets an awful lot of tourist traffic. Even though the flight is extremely long from both the U.K. and the U.S., most people find that visiting the land down under is well worth the effort not only for its stunning World Heritage sites and incredible works of architecture but also for its pristine beaches, unusual wildlife, and friendly people. Although Sydney is distant, finding cheap flight deals to Sydney doesn’t have to be a chore.

Just as with other major cities across the globe, great ticket prices from Sydney often vary with the season. Australian winters, which run from June through August, tend to be the most affordable times of year to travel, while December and January often have the highest ticket prices. If you are flying into or out of the city, flying during the off season will generally be your best bet for great prices.

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Finding Your Flight To Australia

Australia brings to mind cuddly koalas, cosmopolitan Sydney, and the red rock of Uluru for most people, but there is so much more to this country that is comparable in size to the contiguous 48 states of the United States. A flight to Australia can bring you the warmth of Australia’s endless sandy beaches, the lushness of verdant rainforests, and the promise of an adventure that’s right around the next corner.

The Devil’s Marbles may not be as widely known as Uluru, but they are every bit as impressive. The Devil’s Marbles Conservation Reserve covers more than 1,800 hectares and is filled with red rounded granite rocks that look much like marbles. They range in size from a smaller 50 centimetres to an incredible 6 metres across. The rocks are sacred to the Aboriginal people and have great significance in their Dreamtime mythology as the eggs of the rainbow serpent

Fremantle is another must-see location. Located near the Swan River in Western Australia, Fremantle is well-known for its maritime history and a rich creativity that is displayed through its local artisans at the Fremantle Markets. Attractions are plentiful, including the Western Australia Maritime Museum, the Roundhouse and Whalers Tunnel, Shipwreck Galleries, and the Leighton Battery Heritage Site.

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A Change For The Better In Sydney Accommodation

During a recent visit I decided to take advantage of short term accommodation options in Sydney as opposed to staying in a hotel. I was apprehensive about it at first, but going forward with it was probably one of the best vacation decisions I’ve ever made.

Staying in a furnished apartment, especially one with bedrooms, made everyone in my family feel more at home. Sharing a cramped hotel room with another adult and two kids is never a fun experience so it was very refreshing to be able to give the kids their own room. The furniture was also of a much higher quality than the typical hotel provides, and particularly the bed and mattress which made for a better night’s sleep.

My favourite part about the rental was being able to make actual meals in the fully equipped kitchen. Our holiday budget was slashed by at least 30% simply by not eating out for every meal. The kids enjoyed being able to have their favourite comfort foods and we all agree that people watching while having two picnics in local parks was one of the most relaxing highlights of our trip.

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Locating Your Sydney Hotel Deals

With two World Heritage sites, a cosmopolitan population, vibrant shopping districts, hip nightlife, historic sites, designer boutiques, fine dining, stunning cultural attractions, and multiple family friendly venues, it is no wonder that Sydney is one of the busiest cities in the Asia Pacific. Your last minute Sydney hotel deals are remarkably plentiful, and your Sydney holiday does not have to cost a fortune.

Harbour views generally command a kingly price, but some Sydney Harbour hotels are actually quite affordable. Rooms can range from $85 a night for a three-star hotel in Double Bay to $795 a night for a five-star hotel in The Rocks. Harbour hotels with a view of the Opera House tend to be on the upper end of the price range. They are well worth the investment, however, as you will realize the first morning you watch the sun reflecting on the white sails emerging from the blue waters of Sydney Harbour.

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What Is Sydney All About?

Anyone who either lives in or routinely visits Sydney know that it is truly one of the most unique and eclectic cities in the world. With some of the best shopping, dining and arts & entertainment in the world, it’s no wonder why Sydney sees so many tourists each year. Many people, however, are concerned about how both the tourist board and NSW state government have been doing in terms of marketing Sydney to the rest of the world. The concern is that marketing has thus far relied heavily upon landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, and that the actual city itself has been given somewhat of a backseat.

The sad thing about how Sydney’s marketing has been going as of late is that it doesn’t do anything to tell people (in detail) what the city is all about; nightlife, arts/dining scenes are all ignored. Even culture as a whole has seemed to take a backseat. Ask most Americans what they know about Sydney, and you’ll be lucky to get the Opera House as an answer. Sydney is truly somewhat of a mystery in other parts of the world, which cannot be good for tourism.

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Boutique Hotels Sydney & Where To Find Them

Sydney, Australia, is a world-class destination that draws people from across the country and across the globe. Whether you are headed to Sydney on holiday or for business, you will have many choices in accommodations. If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, however, perhaps you should try a boutique hotel in Sydney.

Boutique hotels are a popular choice for those who desire high quality accommodations in a cosier, more personal package. They have a focus that is centred on your experience as a guest, and they take great pride in their designs and décor. Sydney boutique hotels range in style from smart Art Deco and relaxed boho to a formal French neo-classicism. Although boutique hotels often have an expensive feel, you will be able to find them in a variety of prices to suit every budget, ranging from $103 to $1,500 a night.

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My Sydney Accommodation and Sydney Flight Experience

Right now, I am on top of the world. Maybe I’m not literally on top of the world, but as I am here looking out over the glittering night sky of Sydney from the observation deck of the Sydney Tower, I certainly feel as if I am. It’s an amazing feeling and one I will hold onto forever. For that matter, there is a lot about this holiday I’ll hold in my heart forever.

It started with booking the right package for your Sydney flights and accommodation. I knew getting a great deal wasn’t impossible, not as long as I had the right information. I signed up for the major Australian airlines’ email lists so that I could get advance notice of any specials, and I comparison shopped to make sure I had access to the best deals.

Sydney has plenty of options when it comes to accommodations. Bed and breakfasts, luxury hotels and budget hotels, and furnished or serviced apartments were all available. Because I was planning a longer stay, I decided a furnished apartment in Sydney’s CBD would be the best choice for me. It would keep me in the heart of the action and close to public transportation.

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Taking A Holiday To Sydney, Australia

Everyone needs a holiday from time to time. If you’ve decided it’s time for your own holiday and are headed to Sydney, Australia, you’ll soon arrive at a beautiful country and a vibrant city with something to discover around every corner. You will never run out of things to do or places to explore while you are there.

Before you set out, however, you will need to finalize your travel plans. These will necessarily include your accommodations and length of stay. An extended holiday will allow you to choose from a variety of options when it comes to your Sydney travel accommodations.

Furnished apartments are a quite comfortable and popular choice for longer stays. They provide you with all the conveniences of home and can be far more affordable for those enjoying longer holidays in Sydney.

Staying at a hotel or motel can be expensive, noisy, and stressful, with staff coming in and out. A furnished apartment can allow you the freedom of setting your own hours, the enjoyment of arranging your own meals, and the added benefit of sticking within your budget.

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Where To Find Cheap Flights To Sydney?

Locating the cheapest flight to Sydney doesn’t have to be a major headache. In fact, you can often find great deals to Sydney on the Internet with just a few clicks of the mouse. What are you waiting for? A fabulous Australian holiday is just around the corner!

To get the best ticket deals, you first need to know where to shop. Some sites add a surcharge for booking your flight. That increases your cost. Ad-supported sites keep your costs low and can be a better choice. The airlines’ sites themselves may be the best choice for deals in many cases, though. Sign up for each individual airline’s email list so that you’ll be notified of sales, special offers, and other updates first. Most airlines also now have Facebook and Twitter accounts of which you can take advantage, too. You can also avoid pricey booking fees by booking directly through an airline.

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Looking For Water In Your Sydney Hotel?

If you are travelling across the world on your holiday, the last thing you want to discover is that your accommodations are less than you expected. When you make your reservations, you need the assurance that you’ll get the exact accommodations you desire when you reach your destination. This is exactly what you will find when you book a hotel room on Sydney Harbour.

Australia is the wealthiest country in the Southern Hemisphere and draws tourists from around the world. Those in the Australia travel industry know that you have travelled long to reach the country. That’s why they welcome you with the best accommodations, from five-star hotels and comfortably appointed three- and four-star hotels to well equipped furnished apartments for long-term stays.

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Locating Long Term Furnished Apartments In Sydney

Sydney, Australia, is a world-class, cosmopolitan city with easy access to warm beaches, a lively nightlife, plenty of sightseeing, and enough adventure for even the most outdoorsy people. It’s no wonder then that Sydney is Australia’s largest city drawing people from across the country and around the globe, resulting in a distinctive multicultural population. If you are looking for long term furnished apartments in Sydney, you’ve got plenty of options from which to choose, whether you’re planning on staying for three months or 12.

Long-term furnished rentals in Sydney can be found in any size to fit both singles and groups of people or families, from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom houses and in locations across Sydney and its suburbs.

Are you looking for a trendy inner-city suburb apartment or a laid-back beach front apartment? Would you prefer an apartment smack-dab in the center of the action, something in the CBD or Darlinghurst? Are you more interested in staying on the fringe of things, maybe in the outskirts of town or in the leafy suburb of Castle Hill?

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Where To Find Australia Travel Deals

Are you travelling to the land of Oz? You probably have plenty of questions about travel and accommodation. Read on for some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to locating travel deals to Australia and finding cheap domestic flights within Australia such as what can be found on SydneyFlightsAccommodation.com.au.

Where can I find the best travel deals to Australia? Are they on the web or with a travel agent?

If you don’t mind doing your own legwork, websites allow you to get rid of the middleman, reducing your overall costs. Ad-supported websites, or sites that do not add a surcharge when you book flights or accommodation, can save you a bundle. If you prefer convenience, a travel agent may be the way to go. The travel agent can go the extra mile for you, booking not just your flight or accommodations but also planning your entire itinerary.

When is the best time to go?

Peak travel season in Australia is during the winter months, between April and August or September. Temperatures are pleasant, usually between 19 and 31 degrees C or 66 and 81 degrees F. Between October and March, temperatures begin to soar, and humidity rises. Cyclones and floods are distinct possibilities in some parts of the country. From Christmas through January, Australians enjoy their own holidays, beginning something of a travel rush, and airline tickets and accommodations become scarce.

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What Happened On My Flight to Australia

Holidays are always exciting, but I suspect my holiday this year is going to be the best one ever. I’m currently on my first flight to Australia, and I don’t entirely know what to expect when I arrive, but I do know I’ve got lots of thrilling plans. I definitely want to do all the standard tourist things when I first land in beautiful Sydney, but I want to stay flexible enough to take plenty of side trips, too.

I am first planning to visit Sydney Harbour, where I may even attempt the Harbour Bridge Climb. I’ve heard it’s fantastic, with a spectacular view of the Harbour unlike any other. I’ll get to see the Sydney Opera House from there, and I definitely want to take one of the tours inside. From Sydney, I’ll head to cosmopolitan Melbourne. Melbourne will give me a chance to kick back and enjoy fine dining, shopping, and a thrilling night life before I begin my Australia adventure in earnest.

From Melbourne I’ll head off on the Great Ocean Road, one of the loveliest drives in the country. The Great Ocean Road extends across Victoria’s south-western coastline, covering more than 200 kilometers of beaches, rainforest, and stunning sandstone structures. Australia’s rainforests are incredibly diverse and home to many rare and threatened plants and several important animal species.

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Sydney Hotel or Sydney Furnished Apartment

Sydney is one of the top five hottest travel destinations in the world, according to an online poll conducted by Trip Advisor. In spite of its immense popularity, though, there are still plenty of available accommodations, from hotels to the growing popularity of furnished apartment accommodation in Sydney.

Hotels are often a visitor’s first choice, thanks to that sense of familiarity. When travelling, a hotel can provide an easy home base and plenty of information for tourists. There’s also a feeling of luxury: Some hotels, particularly four and five star hotels, provide extra pampering services for guests. Additionally, travel agents may offer hotel rooms as part of a package deal, along with airfare or car hire. Still, a hotel room simply may not always be the best choice for every traveller’s situation.

In fact, a furnished apartment may have some very clear benefits for a busy visitor to Sydney. When you decide to stay in a furnished apartment, you will enjoy considerably more space and privacy. You will also have the convenience of your own kitchen in which you can prepare your own meals. A furnished rental often has more amenities than the average hotel room, including a DVD player and Internet access to keep you entertained during your downtime.

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